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Green River fishing report.
     Green River
  fly fishing report
                                         Green River Fly Fishing Report

Fishing report, 08/28/16   Scuds, worm patterns, small Midge and Blue-wing patterns are working well on days that conditions are right.

Hatches [ Midges, Psuto May Fly, Tricos, Blue-Wings]
Catch rates [ fair ]
Dry fly fishing [good on Midges and Psuto May Fly, Hoppers, Ant's, Crickets]
Streamer fishing [ good ]
Nymph fishing [ good on egg and midge combo ]
Water clarity [ clear on A,B,and C sections ]
Water Flow average flow]
                                                          Hot Flies
Dry fly [Brook sprout midge,trailing shuck midge,all sz 20,22 Sailor ant black and brown sz16, Cricket sz 12 ]
Streamers [ olive,ginger,black wooly buggers][ jointed olive and black sculpins ] 
Nymphs [ orange,pink egg][ red,black zebra midges sz 16,18][ grey wd40 sz 18 20 ]
Green River fly fishing guide fishing report.
Green River fly fishing guide
Green River fishing report, fly fishing for trout in Utah.
Report on all various fly fishing opportunities for all seasons on the Green River.
This concludes my Green River Fly Fishing Report

The Green River in January thru March offers the best streamer fishing in the West.The depth of the water in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir that the river is drawn from makes for mild Winter water temperatures and the trout stay very active,and feed heavily all winter long.Streamer fishing is by far the most productive method of fly fishing this time of year,but you can also find some great midge fishing in January thru March on the Green. 

    The Green River in the spring time comes alive with blue-wing-olives. April is the best month to experience this major Green River hatch and a good guide can be invaluable. On the stormy cloudy days you will See blue-wings on the water numbering in the thousands.When the Hatch gets this thick it becomes a game of accuracy. When the surface of the water is covered with the natural blue-wing's the fish will not want to move very far for your fly,you must be accurate with your cast and place your fly 1 to 2 feet up stream of the fish in order to drift it through the fish's window. Another thing you must take into consideration is that the fish has a feeding rhythm that varies from fish to fish. The best thing to do is watch the fish and figure out the timing at witch he is rising and try to drift the fly in to his window at the exact time the fish is ready to rise again,this go's for Midges and PMD's and Tricos as well witch makes dry fly fishing the most challenging way to fish the small fly hatches that the Green River has to offer.Another great strategy during a blue-wing hatch is to fish emergers with a nymph rig or a dry dropper,these methods are actually more productive than dry fly fishing because a vast majority of the time trout feed subsurface.
   The Green River starting in late May lasting thru June, most years has a Cicada Hatch witch is a terrestrial insect and only will hatch in certain areas of the river,it is important to have a guide who knows the river and knows where the Cicada's hatching at that time.The Cicada's will only hatch if the conditions are rite,the air temperatures must be warm,and the ground moister content must be rite as well for this hatch to take place. The Green River Cicada hatch is known world-wide, and offers big fly dry fly fishing.Big dry fly fishing is some of the most exciting fly fishing the Green River has to offer.Other than Cicada's the Green River has a number of other terrestrials that the fish key on from time to time such as ants,hoppers,crickets,and Beatles.Also starting in June on the Green River we have a great Caddis hatch that lasts most of the summer.The best time to catch this hatch is mourning and evening.

   The Green River in July and August has great PMD and Yellow Sally hatches on the B and C sections of the Green. These hatches offer some exciting fly fishing and is one of the Green River fly fishing guides best kept secrets.July is the time of year that sees the heaviest recreational raft traffic on the A section, so the timing of the PMD and Sally hatches on the B and C sections could not be better.While the rafts choke the upper river,you can float fish the lower river in relative solitude.

   The Green River in September and October sees a major drop in raft traffic on the A section, and the fishing continues to be very good at this time. You start to see fall blue-wing hatches,witch makes the nymphing and dry-dropper fishing very productive. There continues to be a good number of terrestrials along the banks,and you can have some great Fall big dry fly fishing.In late September you also start to see October Caddis hatching,they are of a bigger variety of Caddis fly than you typically see during the Summer,and I have had some spectacular Fall days fishing this hatch.

                                                                       November  December
   The Green river in November and December. The colder temperatures at this time of year sees an end to the terrestrials,but the nymph fishing is excellent.The Brown Trout start to spawn around the 12th of November and stack up on the spawning areas making it easy to catch your fill.The trick is finding the best spawning beds,and this is where a good guide comes in handy.Guides spend most every day on the river and know exactly where the best water is.The Green River is very uncrowded at this time, and you rarely see another boat.I highly recommend fishing this time of year,if you like catching lots of fish with very little traffic.

Green River Fly Fishing Report Hatch Chart
Fishing report for the Green River. The Royal Wulff is the classic dry fly, it imitates Ants, Mayfly's, and can also work well when you dont know what to try next.
Green River fly fishing report, the Elk Hair Caddis is a classic dry fly that can also imitate small stone flies.
Fishing report, the Para Hopper is loved by trout on the Green River.
Fly Fishing report, Griffiths gnat is a great midge cluster pattern.
Fishing report, this is a great  midge pattern when the fish are being picky.
Green River fly fishing report, this is a great flying ant imitation.
Fishing report, use this fly when the trout are taking adult and emerging blue-wing Mayfly's.
Fishing Green River report, this is a great high viz ant pattern.
Fly Fishing Report, this ant pattern is a favorite of many, because it is made of foam it floats like a cork,
Green River fishing report, the Chernobyl ant is a great terrestrial pattern, in different sizes and colors it can imitate a wide variety of terrestrial and stone flies.
biotmidge    Griffiths gnat  para blue wing   chernoble ant   elk hair caddis     flying ant       sailor ant         para ant         para hopper     Royal Wulff
zebra midge  Barrs bead emerger     micro scud           wd-40      bead head brassie   Barrs emerger      pheasent tail         blood midge
My favorite Green River flies
  juju betis , GT , flash back wd40 , palomino (all colors) , bead head pheasant tail , disco midge (all colors) , orange scud , sanjuan worm.

  bead head wooly bugger (all colors) , wool head scullpin , zonker (all colors) , Cluoser minnow (all colors) , double bunny ( all colors ).

  fuzz-ball , triple-double (all colors) , sparkel dun , M,F,C cricket , fat albert , partrige caddis , orange asher , parachute adams , yellow humpy ,